6.1 ounce 100% ringspun cotton tie-dye. Hands down the best t-shirt anywhere. Very soft to touch. Tie-dye T-shirts on Hanes Beefy Tees.

Tie-dye Spider Design T-shirts, tees, and ladies tops. Rainbow Smiley Tie-dye T-shirt. Hawk Spiral Tie dye Tees. Amethyst Rainbow Heart Tie-dye Tee shirt.

 Westwind Tie-dye Company-- Exceptional Tie dyes Straight from the Source.

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West Wind Tie-dye Company
Spider Tie-dye Tee Shirts.
Seems like yesterday that we started up our little art business, but now  we've set up our tie dyes at music festivals and street fairs in the Pacific Northwest, California, Arizona, Texas, and Montana for 25 years.

We're grateful for  the many friends who've traveled hundreds of miles to meet up with the Westwind Tie-dye Company and add to their collection.

Thanks for the loyal, repeat business that has kept us busy creating beautiful tiedyes all these years.

We look forward to another couple decades of peace, love, and tie-dye with all our kind friends-- those who've shared our path all along and those we're yet to meet. We are here because of you and we're ready to fill your every tie-dye need.


Tie-dye .us

We stand behind our tie dyes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Check out the quantity discounts, too.

Wash your new tie dyes with any solid colored loads right from your first wash! We wash and dry every tie-dye 3 or 4 times in our tie-dye process. Hanes Beefy Tees and Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirts are both those company's best quality tees. These dyes are far more colorfast than your regular peep on the street has seen.

Our penchant for detail, coupled  with lots of imagination and creativity make our tie-dye creations the cream and the crop. With colors are so permanent and vibrant that some of our customers still wear tees they got from us 22 years ago! A shout out peace out to Grass Valley, CA!

When your new tie dyes arrive you'll see that our quality is exceptional and unparalleled.

Our kind Hippie clothes are available from toddler t-shirts, adult tees to 6XL, men's and ladies cut tank tops, muscle shirts, and spaghetti strap tops. Oh... and long sleeves, of course!

Love One Another

Order two or more of our beautiful tie-dyes and snap up an instant savings of 10% off your entire order!

 Westwind Tie-dye Guitar riding Tony Nordberg's original Avalanche. Super COOL!


To Dan & Renee at Westwind Tie-dye Company: The 7 tie dye shirts I ordered arrived, and I am wearing one right now.  Thanks so much.  My new Blue-Green Crackle tie dye tee is as spectacular as Gary's Leopard Crackle from the first order.

We first ordered some of your shirts in June 2008.  We were impressed that you let us choose Beefy-T's, as they last so much longer than many other t-shirt brands.  And, we were impressed with the real blackness of your black dye - and how well it has kept its color after many, many wearings and washes.  I laid the new shirts next to the 2 year old shirts, and there is precious little fading apparent.  We had some other "black" tie-dyes that faded with the first wash.  We continually get comments on our cool shirts that you made.

We will definitely order more of your shirts (I lost 70 pounds in the last 18 months, so I need to rebuild my tie-dye collection).  We live in Phoenix area, where everything is way too A/C'd for us, so we will have to get more long-sleeve shirts to keep us warm.

Have a great holiday season, and Peace and Love right back at you!

Gail & Gary


"I ordered tie dyes from 3 different companies so I could compare the quality. Not only did my order from Westwind arrive soonest, the tie-dyes from you guys were heads and tails above the rest. While the tees from your so-called competition sit folded in my daughter's bottom drawer, her Westwind Peace Sign tie dye tee and her Blue Electric Guitar ladies v-neck top tie dyes are the envy of her friends. After 30 or more washings the tie dyes we ordered from you two are STILL brighter than the others. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product! There will definitely be Westwind tie-dye gifts under our Christmas tree!"

Martha Gridley
Jupiter, Florida

                     *          *          *          *          *
Thank you Westwind Tie-dye Company! Everyone loved the tie dyes. I appreciate your hard work on getting the Cross shirts here for our event. Especially on such short notice!
Rev. Shawn
House On The Rock

Westwind: Just wanted to let you know my tie-dye tank top order arrived today, as promised.

I am an old California, San Francisco, Haight/Ashbury hippie, retired in Florida. I have bought tons of tie dye over the years. The Westwind tie-dyes are by far the best looking, brightest colors, best quality, of any tie dye I have ever owned.

It may seem like a small thing but, I like the fact you put the smiley face and the peace sign on the front and the back. Most don't do that.

I have made another order since this one and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thanks again. You're the best, Westwind!!

Larry-- Bradenton, FL
April 18th, 2011