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"Exceptional Tie-dye Straight from the Source!"        

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Tie-dye FAQ's

Does Westwind Company offer quantity discounts? YES!

We offer quantity discounts for all garments on the following schedule:
  • 2 to 40 tie-dyes-- 10%   
  • 41 to 100 tie-dyes-- 15%         
  • 101 or more tie-dyes-- 20%       
Our secure checkout is will automatically do the math and figure your quantity discount. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

 Toll-Free: 855-794-0001

There is a lead time on quantity orders. We make each tie-dye we sell as we get the orders (that's why Westwind Tie-dyes are so nice!) The lead time depends on how many tie-dyes you order. If you've got time restraints due to an event, etc. We will do everything we can to make it happen. We'll pull a few all-nighters if we need to... whatever it takes to get your order to you as fast as possible.

Are there any special washing instructions for my new Westwind Company Tie-dyes? Wash your new tie-dye with any other colored clothing. We use the best materials available to make your new tie-dye-- Procion (TM) Fiber Reactive Dyes. They make a permanent molecular bond with natural fibers (cotton, rayon, silk) to become one with the garment.  Procion (TM) dyes are the only dye to use for tie-dye if you want vibrant results that stay bright for years to come.

Do I need to soak my new tie-dye in Vinegar?
No. At least not if you're talking about a Westwind Company tie-dye. Before the advent of Procion (TM) dyes, tie-dye was often accomplished with direct or acid dyes. These inferior dyes do not permanently bond with the fabric, so there are a lot of loose dye particles. Vinegar was used with these dyes in and attempt to set loose dye particles for a more permanent result. Vinegar will not have any positive effect on tie-dyes dyed with Procion (TM) Fiber Reactive dyes. If someone tells you to wash their work with vinegar I recommend walking away-- that's what God gave us feet for-- unless you're in the mood for a huge mess!

Will my new tie-dye shrink?
Our tie-dyes are pre-shrunk in our process.  The garments we use are of high quality and will not shrink under normal washing and drying circumstances. However, with 100% cotton garments, subjecting your clothes to hot water or hot dryers will  have an adverse effect on them. Treat your new tie-dye right, and your new tie-dye will treat you right. Friendships have always been a two-way-street! If you're still worried about shrinking or sizing follow the advise of the Great Philosopher, Bucko Zephyr, "He who worry about size and shrink should order one size up me think!

Does Westwind Company have a store?
Yes and no.  Our live shows are our brick-and-mortar store.  We strive to present our work to as many different people as possible, and have found that our tie-dye business fits in perfectly at live music events, art shows, and street festivals. Check out the Events page! Also, our internet store gives everyone an opportunity to own a Genuine Westwind Company Tie-dye. Will Westwind Company make a custom tie-dye for me?

Will Westwind Company make a custom tie-dye for me? Usually. Give us a call or email and let us know what you have in mind. 855-794-0001.  There is not an extra charge for this service (don't laugh: some people like to charge extra for custom orders.  lol), but your custom tie-dye may take a few extra days to ship (we'll need to make it, of course!)